How to use the OFL

It’s easy to use the OFL. What would you like to do? Follow the links to read clear instructions and get your questions answered:

I want to use, but not modify, fonts that are licensed under the OFL.

This includes:

  • Using them on a website
  • Designing a graphic or artwork that includes the lettershapes
  • Publishing a printed book with them
  • Including them in a document or website template
  • Bundling them inside an app
  • Selling any of the above

and any other situations in which you’re not modifying the font files themselves

I want to modify an OFL font and distribute the results to others.

This includes:

  • Adding new glyphs or smart font routines (OpenType)
  • Reshaping glyphs to meet your preferences
  • Adding new weights and styles (Thin, ExtraBold, Italic, etc.)
  • Changing the font name
  • Converting it to a different font format
  • Merging it into a larger project
  • Adding new variable axes
  • Fixing bugs
  • Getting paid for additional work on a font that is already under the OFL
  • Contributing changes to existing OFL font projects

and any other situations in which you are changing an OFL font

I want to release a font I’ve designed under the OFL.

This includes:

  • Adding the OFL text into your font sources with your copyright information in the OFL header
  • Deciding whether or not to declare any Reserved Fonts Names (RFNs)
  • Including recommended files in your font release package (OFL.txt, OFL-FAQ.txt, FONTLOG.txt)
  • Knowing when you are allowed to sell the font or related services
  • Getting paid for work on a font that is then released under the OFL
  • Releasing a font under multiple licenses

and any other situations in which you are the original font creator