Welcome to the new OFL website! You may have been redirected here from the old site on scripts.sil.org/OFL. The domain and website have changed to make everything clearer but the OFL itself has remained unchanged since 2007. We welcome your feedback.

Current version: SIL Open Font License (OFL) version 1.1

Read or download the full official license text: OFL version 1.1 (26 February 2007)
Read or download the current OFL-FAQ version 1.1-update7 (November 2023)
Read more about why many individuals and companies choose the OFL and the history of the OFL
Explore a showcase of fonts released under the OFL

Answers to common questions

If you use OFL fonts

You can use them in books, posters, artwork, logos, and on websites, even make 3D objects with the outlines—no acknowledgement is required

You can bundle them in apps or software subject to certain conditions

Read more about using OFL fonts

If you modify OFL fonts

You can freely modify and redistribute OFL fonts

Some projects may require a name change to respect any declared Reserved Font Names (RFNs)

Read more about modifying OFL fonts and managing RFNs

If you design OFL fonts

You retain copyright on your creation and are acknowledged as the author

You can protect the name of your font with one or more Reserved Font Names (RFNs)

Read more about applying the OFL to your fonts

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